Meniscus Tear

One of the most common sources of pain in the knee is the meniscus. The meniscus is a shock absorber that can be torn acutely with a twisting injury or from repetitive stress from kneeling and twisting. There are two menisci in the knee – one medial (inside of the knee) and one lateral (outside part of the knee). Pain usually results with increased activity particularly kneeling, twisting and pivoting. Sometimes catching, locking and swelling may occur. Most symptomatic meniscal tears require surgery and can be treated with an outpatient arthroscopic (scope) procedure. The recovery time is usually 2- 4 weeks if only a debridement is needed but can be longer if the meniscus is repaired with sutures. If you think you may have a meniscus tear and would like to read more please click on the following link:Meniscus Tears

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